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MicroRidge designs and manufactures a broad range of wired and wireless measurement collection solutions, including MobileCollect wireless, GageWay interfaces, and WedgeLink hardware and software keyboard wedges.  Measurement collection is what we do from wired to wireless.  We don't manufacture gages but we support gages from a wide variety of manufacturers.  Our products are made in the USA and support the broadest range of digital & RS-232 gages, digital indicators, micrometers, height gages, scales, etc. as well as all SPC software.  Give us a call to discuss how our current products and constant innovation will help you improve your manufacturing process.

Whether you call or email us during business hours before, after or during your purchase, you will always reach a real person immediately.  We provide unlimited and knowledgeable technical support at no charge on all of the products that we manufacture.


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MobileCollect Wireless

Mobile Module Transmitters

Mobile Module transmitters send measurement data wirelessly to Bases.  Mobile Modules are battery powered and connect to calipers, micrometers, digital indicators, etc.  We have Mini, RS-232 and Command Mobile Modules.

Remote Transmitters

Remote transmitters send measurement data wirelessly to Bases.  Remotes support the same types of gages as the Mobile Modules.  Remotes are used when you do not need the mobility of the Mobile Module.  For example, a Remote might be used with a height gage, scale, fixture containing digital indicators, etc.

Base Receivers

Base receivers collect measurement data wirelessly from Mobile Modules and Remotes.  Bases are connected to a PC, laptop, or tablet by a USB or RS-232 port.  All data sent to USB ports appear as standard RS-232 data to your application.

GageWay Interfaces

Single Gage Inputs

GageWay SM connects a single gage with a Mitutoyo compatible output to an RS-232 serial port or a USB port.  GageWay KW is a keyboard wedge that transfers data from digital gages (CDI, Mahr Federal, Mitutoyo, Ono Sokki, etc.) directly into Windows applications like Excel.

Multiple Gage Inputs

GageWay Pro2, Pro4 and Pro8 interfaces connect one or more digital gages and serial devices to a single computer port.  Each interface includes "USB serial" and "USB keyboard wedge" outputs.  An "AutoBaud" feature quickly determines the baud rate. 

Connecting RS-232 Devices

Connect RS-232 devices to GageWay Pro interfaces via the LC Cable.  The LC Cable supports the AutoBaud feature of the GageWay Pro interfaces.

WedgeLink Keyboard Wedges



RS-232 Hardware Wedge

WedgeLink SP transfers data from serial devices directly into Windows applications such as Excel.  Data parsing is not available and no setup is required. 

RS-232 Hardware Wedge

WedgeLink AT transfers data from serial devices directly into Windows applications such as Excel.  WedgeLink AT features extensive data parsing.

Software Keyboard Wedges

WedgeLink software keyboard wedges transfer data from serial devices (serial or USB ports) into Windows applications such as Excel.  The WedgeLink Standard version features extensive data parsing.


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