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GageWay KW Single Gage Interface
Connects a single digital gage to
applications that accept keyboard input

The GageWay KW is an interface with a keyboard wedge that supports digital gages from CDI, Mahr Federal, Mitutoyo, Ono Sokki, etc.  Other manufacturers also produce gages that have a Mitutoyo compatible output.  These include Federal, LMI and others.  These gages will also work with GageWay KW.

With the GageWay KW, you can transfer gage readings into any PC application that accepts keyboard input.  Some of the more common applications that are used with the GageWay KW include Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, etc.

Unlike wedges from other manufacturers, if the cable you have connected to GageWay KW fails (not uncommon with many handheld gages), you only have to replace the gage cable and not the entire wedge assembly.  Other manufacturers permanently attach the gage cable to the wedge which requires you to replace the entire wedge when the gage cable fails.

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Video, brochure and other resources can be found on the GageWay Videos & PDFs page.

Key Features

  • The GageWay KW is truly a plug 'n play device.  Connect your gage to the wedge, plug it into the USB port, and you are ready to go.  No setup required.

  • Supports both single and continuous read modes.

  • Connector available for external foot switch or hand switch.

  • Output format is gage measurement followed by a carriage return.

What's Included with the GageWay KW Hardware Wedge


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