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GageWay Pro Setup Program
Easily configure the GageWay Pro
with Windows-based setup program


Home Tab when no GageWay Pro found
(click image for full size view)

Pro4 Tab after GageWay Pro4 found
(click image for full size view)

The GageWay Pro Setup Program is used to configure the interface options and transfer these options to and from the GageWay Pro.  The setup program contains a Home Tab that has options used by all of the GageWay Pro models.  The setup program also includes a tab for each of the GageWay Pro models.  When a GageWay Pro is found by the setup program, the only tabs that will be displayed are the Home Tab and the tab for the GageWay Pro model that was found.

All of the screens contain extensive Help information directly on the screen.  When a setup is created, you can transfer it to the interface.  You can also save this setup to a file as a backup or for transferring to other interfaces.

Refer to the User's Guide for more information about the Setup Program.


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