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LC Cable
Connects RS-232 Devices to Digital Gage Interfaces

The LC Cable allows you to connect serial devices to the MicroRidge interfaces.  The LC Cable can be plugged into any of the front panel ports on the  interfaces.  The baud rate and communication parameters can be automatically determined by using the AutoBaud feature of the GageWay Pro.

LC Cable

  • Converts the RS-232 voltage levels to acceptable levels that can be used by the GageWay Pro interfaces.

  • Does not contain any internal processing capabilities, and relies on the RS-232 hardware built into the interface in order to process the incoming RS-232 data.

  • To use the LC Cable, you must define the baud rate and communication parameters.  This can be done via the setup program or the AutoBaud feature of the GageWay Pro.

  • The length is 24" and contains a 10-pin rectangular connector for plugging into the gage interface, and a DB9 male connector for connection to your serial device.


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