Test Drive MobileCollect Yourself!
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The MobileCollect Demo program provides a transmitter, receiver
and caliper at no charge for a 3-5 day evaluation period.  Your
Demo kit may be customized should you prefer to evaluate
MobileCollect using an in-house gage.  MicroRidge covers all
shipping costs; each kit includes a UPS return label.

[Demo Kit available to US and Canada only]

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MobileCollect Benefits for YOU!

  1. Brand neutral so you can use the gage or device you have
    or plan to purchase.

  2. Supports any software so no worries about compatibility.

  3. Save time and improve accuracy by transmitting your measurements wirelessly with the push of a button.


"We tested the distance of the MobileCollect to the Base.  I can't tell you exact distances to the foot, but we know at 75 feet through 3 machines and 2 10x10 steel beams in one single test.  We were amazed.  We even tried it by the big 400 volts power supplies to see if electricity would affect it; nothing; works every time!                                        

*A satisfied MobileCollect customer*