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Customize Pinouts for DB9 Cable


Most serial device manufacturers provide a DB9 connector to allow you to connect the serial device to a PC serial port.  However, many of these same device manufacturers use a non-standard pinout arrangement and may charge you well over $100 for the cable to connect their serial device to a standard PC serial port.

For $35, the ProAdapter allows you to customize the pinouts so that you can connect your serial device to a standard PC serial port.  The ProAdapter and accessories can be purchased on the USB & RS-232 Cables Store.


ProAdapter Features

  • Does not require you to solder and unsolder wires to customize your connections.

  • Only tool required is a small Phillips screwdriver used to remove the 4 screws to open the case.

  • 5 pre-stripped wires are included for configuring your connection.

  • If you need additional wires, you can use any 22-26 gage solid wire.

  • If you need to change your wiring connections, you can do that in a matter of seconds.

  • Included is ComTestSerial, a Windows serial communications test program that allows you to test the communications with your serial device.


DB9 Connectors on ProAdapter


Back Panel

  • The back panel contains a DB9 female connector for connecting to your PC DB9 male serial port.

  • This connection requires a DB9 extension cable.

Front Panel

  • The front panel contains a DB9 male connector.

  • Typically you could also use a serial extension cable to make the connection from this front panel connector to your serial device.


DB9 Gender Changers

  • If you need to convert a ProAdapter DB9 connector from male to female or from female to male, you can use a gender changer like those shown in the photos.


DB9 Extension Cable

  • The DB9 extension cable can be used to connect your serial device to the ProAdapter and the ProAdapter to your PC serial port.

  • These cables are 6' long for a straight-through connection on all 9 pins.


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