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WedgeLink SP Hardware Keyboard Wedge
Input Data from
RS-232 Devices into Your PC Application

The WedgeLink SP is a hardware keyboard wedge that accepts input from RS-232 devices.  With the WedgeLink SP, you can transfer RS-232 data into any PC application that accepts keyboard input.  Some of the more common applications that are used with the WedgeLink SP include Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, etc.

There are 4 standard WedgeLink SP models currently available as shown below.  Each WedgeLink SP model supports a single baud rate and communication parameters.

Model Baud
WLNK-SP-19.2K-N-8-1 19.2K N-8-1 Also supports N-8-2
WLNK-SP-9600-N-8-1 9600 N-8-1 Also supports N-8-2
WLNK-SP-9600-E-7-1 9600 E-7-1 Also supports E-2-2
WLNK-SP-4800-E-7-S 4800 E-7-1 Also supports:
  • E-7-2

  • Handheld gages that use the Simplex Opto or Proximity interface.

  • Gages manufactured by Fowler, Sylvac, Browne & Sharp, Federal, Starrett, etc.


  • Other baud rate/communication parameters combinations may be available.  Minimum order quantities may apply.

A table comparing the WedgeLink keyboard wedges available from MicroRidge can be found on the WedgeLink Overview page.

Key Features

  • The WedgeLink SP is truly a plug 'n play device.  Connect your gage to the wedge, plug it into the USB port, and you are ready to go.  No setup required.

  • Supported characters include ESC, Tab, Backspace, Carriage Return, and ASCII characters 32 to 126.  In other words, WedgeLink SP will transfer 4 control characters plus all human readable characters on the keyboard.

  • The 9-pin male D-Sub connector is configured like a standard PC serial port.  This allows standard PC serial cables to be connected directly to the wedge.  If the cable you have connected to WedgeLink SP fails (not uncommon with many handheld gages), you only have to replace the gage cable and not the entire wedge assembly.

What's Included with the WedgeLink SP Hardware Wedge


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