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WedgeLink Software Keyboard Wedges
Lite & Standard Editions - Version 3

The WedgeLink software wedge is available in 2 editions:  Lite and Standard.  Both editions are full featured and the only difference between them is that the Lite edition does not support data parsing except for the addition of a date/time stamp.

A fully functional 3-day evaluation of WedgeLink Lite/Standard can be downloaded below so that you can "try before you buy."  Before you start your 3-day evaluation you can run WedgeLink in the Preview Mode which gives you access to all features except transferring measurements to applications or writing data to a file.  With the Preview Mode you can test your parsing.  The Preview Mode does not affect the 3-day Evaluation period.

Important Note!  MicroRidge also offers the WedgeLink SP and WedgeLink AT "hardware wedge" products for serial output devices.  You should consider these products before purchasing a software wedge program.  Hardware wedges do not require software to function, making them a preferred solution for many situations.   You can find more information on hardware wedges at this link, by viewing the videos on our WedgeLink Videos & PDFs page, or by contacting MicroRidge.

Download Lite/Standard 3-Day Evaluation

Download User's Guide
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Important Note!  You will need Administrative Rights to install WedgeLink.  After installation you can be logged on with Administrative or User Rights.

"I just installed your software on our PC equipped with a Mettler Toledo ID21 scale
connected to COM1.  It really is great . . . it is working like it should."

"Having calipers reading directly into Excel saves me so much time."

"WedgeLink is a nice product; keep up the good work."

"One of the great things about WedgeLink is that it always works with a minimal of fiddling."

When to choose WedgeLink Lite ($89)

  • If the data format coming from your serial device is exactly what you want to send to your target application.  WedgeLink Lite does allow you to add a date/time stamp as a data prefix.

  • You are looking for an economical solution for transferring properly formatted serial port data directly into Windows applications.

  • Many barcode scanners and other devices can be used very effectively with WedgeLink Lite.

When to choose WedgeLink Standard ($195)

  • If the data format coming from your serial device needs to be modified before sending the data to your target application (i.e., you need data parsing).

  • You need to parse your input data packets and you need to add a date/time stamp to your data.

  • Many serial devices output extra information such as units (pounds, inches, etc.) and you need to remove the units fields before sending the data to your target application.

Free Upgrade from Version 2 to Version 3

  • If you have a licensed copy of WedgeLink Version 2 installed on your computer, you can install Version 3 on the same computer.  You will then need to enter your current Registration ID to license WedgeLink Version 3.

Version 3 Highlights

  • Date/time stamp for Lite edition.

  • Input field position control in Standard edition (i.e., specify how many measurements to send to Excel before positioning the input field to the starting column on the next row).

  • Improved parsing test function.

  • WedgeLink now uses ComTestSerial as the communications test program.

  • Upgraded Help to current HTML format.

  • Added Preview Mode to allow more time to evaluate WedgeLink prior to starting the 3-day Evaluation period.

  • . . . plus numerous other updates to make WedgeLink even easier to use.  Refer to User's Guide for more detail.

Key Features

Serial Communications

WedgeLink Lite

WedgeLink Standard


There are two types of testing built into WedgeLink:  Data Parsing (WedgeLink Standard only) and Serial Communications.  Often the information coming from your serial device is in a different format than what many customers realize.  The testing features we have built into WedgeLink will enable you to get your system up and running in a minimum amount of time.

Send Commands

Typical Instruments used by our WedgeLink Customer

You can use virtually any serial device with WedgeLink.  It will work with RS-232, RS422, and RS485 devices . . . plus hundreds of other instruments and devices.  If you have a question about a particular instrument or device you are using, please contact us.

System Requirements
WedgeLink is designed for Microsoft Windows.


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