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MobileCollect is our 3rd generation wireless system.  We encourage you to talk with us as you consider your wireless system so that you can better understand how MicroRidge and MobileCollect are your best choice.  Our advantages have been proven by our customers since we introduced wireless in 2006. 

Customers have chosen or switched to MobileCollect because of  reliability, durability, flexibility, and lower cable replacement costs.  MobileCollect customers range from the very small to the very large, including:

  • BMW

  • Boeing Aircraft

  • Briggs & Stratton

  • Carrier

  • Caterpillar

  • Coca Cola Refreshments

  • Colt Firearms

  • Eaton

  • Embraer Aircraft

  • GE

  • Goodyear

  • Honda

  • John Deere

  • Lockheed Martin

  • Medtronic

  • Northrop Grumman

  • Parker Hannifin

  • Pepsi

  • Pilkington

  • Rexam

  • Subaru

  • Toyota

  • . . . and more

"Test Drive" MobileCollect Yourself!

  • Click the link above to request a MobileCollect Demo Kit at no charge at any time.

  • No obligation but a great way to see wireless in action at your facility.

Why MobileCollect?

MobileCollect advantages are shown below. Other MobileCollect advantages to consider follow the table.


You can have the best price, or the most attractive looking package, but in the end all that matters is reliability.  MobileCollect reliability has been and continues to be proven by our customers.

MobileCollect Advantage Others Wireless Systems MobileCollect Value to Customer
In situations where there is heavy RF, significant machinery, robots or electrical noise, MobileCollect is often the only one that works unaffected all of the time. Due to RF frequency and transmitter power, other wireless systems have difficulty working in noisy electronic environments.  MobileCollect has often replaced other wireless systems due to these issues. MobileCollect stays reliable and signals are not lost due to MobileCollect's higher transmitter power.
Designed so that the battery usually lasts years in most applications with most gages. Some systems require that batteries be replaced in weeks or months. MobileCollect minimizes down time due to its very long battery life.
The Mobile Module case is purposefully designed to last and to protect the electronics and enclosed antenna. Other systems may have the antenna external from the enclosure or they can break easily when dropped. MobileCollect minimizes service time.
Mobile Modules (transmitters) connect to your gage using what you might call a "flexible" connection and then it attaches securely to the gage or fixture. Other systems may have a "rigid" connection or the module does not securely or ergonomically attach to the gage or fixture. MobileCollect is designed to not break and to be easy and intuitive to use.


You have choices in wireless systems.  MobileCollect is less expensive to purchase over most systems, but the bigger savings happens over time.  A significant maintenance cost item that is often overlooked in the initial wireless purchase is gage cable replacement.  You will also see below that the MobileCollect can significantly reduce ongoing cable costs and down time due to less frequent cable failure and replacement cost.  The prudent purchaser will look at all aspects of the cost of wireless (transmitter, receiver, cable costs, etc.)

MobileCollect Advantage Other Wireless Systems MobileCollect Value to Customer
Read button conveniently placed on Mobile Module (transmitter) for easy access.  Button rated for 1 million cycles. Buttons can be difficult to access or may have a useful life of only months. This can cause the user to have down time and ongoing replacement costs of the entire cable. Significantly reduce maintenance costs and downtime by using the million cycle button on the Mobile Module.
Mobile Module (transmitter) securely attaches to the gage to prevent premature cable failure. Mitutoyo U-Wave may have a cable attached to the gage but the transmitter is attached in such a way as to cause excessive flexing in the cable leading to premature failure. Reduced cost and down time due to significantly less cable failure and replacement.
Typically in excess of 500,000 readings so you are talking years of battery life. Typically less readings from a battery.  Some require you to turn the transmitter off when you are done using or the battery only lasts weeks. Reduced cost and down time due to battery replacement.
Most gage cables available in lengths of up to 72". Limited length options.  Mitutoyo U-Wave only supplies 8" long cables. Allows you to specify the length you need for your applications.  If your cable is too short, you put excessive stress on the cable leading to premature cable failure.  If it's too long, it gets in the way.


The flexibility of MobileCollect is seen in the broad range of gages supported, expandability and configurability for the largest and the smallest of applications, and in the many features unique to MobileCollect.

MobileCollect Advantage Other Wireless Systems MobileCollect Value to Customer
One Base (receiver) can connect hundreds of gages, and you can select the RF channel for communications (15 channels available). May be able to connect several gages to a receiver, but you cannot select a new communications channel if interferences arise. You can eliminate interference between Bases (receivers) and other wireless equipment through channel selection.
RF Sniffer built into the RS-232 & USB Bases (receivers) to determine available RF channels. Not available in most applications. Allows you to configure system on channels not currently being used by other 2.4 GHz radios.  More reliable operation.
Broad range of digital gages and RS-232 devices supported from many gage manufacturers. More limited range of gages.  Some only support Mitutoyo. Supports gages you use now and gages you will use in the future.  MobileCollect's unique design allows support for most gages.
Send commands from Base (receiver) to optional Command Mobile Module (transmitter) for remotely requesting gage measurements. Not available. Obtain readings from a gage without needing operator to press button on gage or Mobile Module (transmitter).  Can be useful in gage fixtures and robotics setup.
2 mw transmit power provides up to 133 foot range. Mitutoyo U-Wave is only rated at 65 feet.  Others may offer longer range but are more prone to interference. Extra power helps to overcome background wireless noise to provide a more reliable system.
Both USB and RS-232 Bases available. USB only. Greater flexibility in connecting Bases to PCs, PLCs, etc.

Ease of Use

We continue to design MobileCollect around the latest wireless technology.  This results in reliability and data integrity that makes MobileCollect's ease of use, speed, versatility and range second to none.

MobileCollect Advantage Others MobileCollect Value to Customer
Mobiles Module (transmitter) LED are ergonomically designed for LED visibility, cable location, read button placement and gage attachment flexibility. Cable placement is poor, LEDs are difficult or impossible to see, read button may be difficult to access, gage cable may interfere with operator using the gage. MicroRidge's ergonomic design makes the Mobile Modules (transmitters) convenient to use.
Setup Program not required for most configurations, but features easy-to-use Windows setup software when needed. Required and/or difficult to install, use and understand. Saves installation and startup time.
Associate Mobile Module (transmitter) with Base (receiver) in seconds using buttons on Mobile Modules.  No operating software needed. Must open software and use setup program. Saves time and you can associate new gages quickly on the floor.
Dozens of user selectable formats available for measurement transfer to PC. Varies from a few to only one. Easier to integrate wireless system to your measurement analysis software.
Mobile Module (transmitter) LEDs placed so that acknowledgement received from the Base (receiver) is bright and highly visible to the user. Transmitter LEDs placed so that receiver acknowledgement is difficult or impossible to see. With MobileCollect it is very obvious that the Base (receiver) received the reading.

Service & Support

Whether you call or email us before, after or during your purchase, you will reach a real person directly and your response will be immediate.  We provide unlimited and knowledgeable technical support at no charge on all of our products that we manufacture before, during and after the sale.  We go the extra mile for our customers, and that's a fact!

MobileCollect Advantage Other Wireless Systems MobileCollect Value to Customer
Complete and responsive pre and post sales tech support from configuration through operation. Varies.  Sometimes it is difficult to figure out who to call. MicroRidge continues to get praise from customers about pre and post customer support.  It is important to you and to MicroRidge.
User can upgrade all firmware in the field. Not apparent that this is available. Allows you to add new features by downloading upgrades from our web site.

More MobileCollect Advantages to Consider:


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