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MobileCollect Wireless
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  • MobileCollect supports 1,000s of gages from a broad range of gage manufacturers.
  • How does the user determine the proper gage cable for each gage that connects to MobileCollect?

  • How does the user determine whether they need the Mini, Digital or RS-232 Mobile Module?
  • Use the MobileCollect Selection Tool.
  • With the MobileCollect Selection Tool, you can easily configure a MobileCollect system with a few clicks of the mouse.

  • All you need is the gage model/code and the number of PCs you want to send measurements to.

Update released: May 23, 2017

Download MobileCollect Selection Tool (includes User's Guide)

View the short training video here (Updated 8/7/15)

Download User's Guide only

To assist you in selecting the proper gage cable and Mobile Module, we have put together the MobileCollect Selection Tool software program.  You can download above and install on your PC.  With the MobileCollect Selection Tool you can generate a printed report that shows the following:

Review MobileCollect Overview

Compare MobileCollect Advantages

Review MobileCollect Specs

Download the MobileCollect User's Guides


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