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This page provides technical information for the MICRO-RM2.4 Radio Module that is used in the current MobileCollect product line.  Typically, this page would be used by the following types of individual:

Most users of the MobileCollect Wireless products would not need to access the technical information contained on this page.


Additional Information

For pricing and additional information about the MICRO-RM2.4 Radio Module, contact Sales at 541-593-3500.



The MICRO-RM2.4 Radio Module from MicroRidge Systems is a small wireless module based on the Atmel ATmega2564RFR2 microcontroller. The ATmega2564RFR2 is a low-powered CMOS 8-bit microcontroller based on the AVR enhanced RISC architecture combined with a high data rate transceiver for the 2.4 GHz ISM (industrial, scientific and medical) band. The MICRO-RM2.4 contains an on-board chip antenna. The module contains radio certifications for FCC, IC and EU (CE). No additional RF testing is required as long as the application of the MICRO-RM2.4 follows the approved certifications. The small size of the MICRO-RM2.4 module allows it to be used in small and compact products. The module measures 12 x 20.75 x 3 mm (.472 x .817 x .118 inches). The module requires a power supply of 1.8 to 3.6 volts DC. This voltage range allows the module to be powered by a single 3 volt coin cell or two 1.5 volt batteries.


Radio Module Images

The photos below show the top and bottom views of the radio module.

Isometric View   Top View   Bottom View



RM2.4 Radio Module Logo Requirements for MobileCollect Compatible Products

The following RM2.4 logo may be required to be displayed on products that use the RM2.4 Radio Module.  This requirement only applies to products that are compatible with the MicroRidge MobileCollect product line.

RM2.4 Logo required on some products.

If you are using the RM2.4 Radio Module with application firmware developed by MicroRidge for use with the MobileCollect product line, the RM2.4 logo must be displayed on the product label.  By displaying the RM2.4 logo on the product, it will help the user to identify products compatible with MobileCollect.

If you are developing your own application firmware and the product will be compatible with MobileCollect, it is strongly recommend that you put the RM2.4 logo on your product.



The following documents provide additional information about the MICRO-RM2.4 Radio Module.  All of the documents are supplied as PDF files.

Fact Sheets & Manuals Description
MICRO-RM2.4 Radio Module Fact Sheet Summary information about the MICRO-RM2.4 Radio Module.
MICRO-RM2.4 Radio Module User's Guide User's Guide for the developer.  This document contains detailed dimensions and I/O port descriptions
Wireless Communications Library for MICRO-RM2.4 Radio Module Description of the MICRO-RM2.4 Wireless Communication functions.  The software library and include file can be downloaded in the Software Communications Library section.



Country Documents Description
FCC Grant of Equipment Authorization Grant of Equipment Authorization issued by the Federal Communications Commission
Industry Canada Certificate of Conformity Certificate of Conformity issued by Industry Canada
Declaration of Conformity for CE Mark European Union Declaration of conformity for CE Mark



Test Reports Description
270649-3.1 Micro-RM2.4-LB FCC Sub C.pdf Test Report for FCC ID 2ACNQRM2, FCC Part 15, Subpart C
270649-2.1Micro-RM2.4-LB FCC Sub B.pdf Test Report for FCC Part 15, Subpart B, ICES-003, Issue 5
270649-4.1 Micro-RM2.4 RSS-210.pdf Test Report for IC 12298A-RM2, RSS-Gen Issue 3 & RSS-210 Issue 8
270648-5.1 MicroRidge MRdg2564RFR2 301 489 Combo Report.pdf Test Report for EN 301 489-1 V1.9.2 (2011-09) as specified in EN 301 489-17 V2.2.1 (2012-09)
270648-2.1Micro-RM2.4 EN300328.pdf Test Report for ETSI EN 300 328 v1.7.1 (2006-10)



Software Communications Library

A Wireless Communications Library (RM2.4 Library) is available for use with MICRO-RM2.4 Radio Modules that have the RM2.4 Library feature enabled.  Refer to the Wireless Communications Library document above for more details.  The RM2.4 Library is designed for use with the IAR compiler for the Atmel AVR.  The software library and include file can be downloaded below.





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