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MobileCollect makes it easier to bring your gage to what is being measured, rather than bringing what is being measured to your gage.  Collect measurements with handheld gages (calipers, digital indicators, micrometers, etc.) and other instruments, and send wirelessly to your PC.

MobileCollect gives you the greatest range of options and flexibility for configuring your wireless measurement collection.  MobileCollect supports a wide range of digital gages and RS-232 devices from manufacturers including Mitutoyo, Mahr Federal, Ono Sokki, Fowler, INSIZE, Starrett, Sylvac, Ohaus, Mettler Toledo, etc. and our own GageWay line of interfaces.

MobileCollect has been approved for use in North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.  The radios used in MobileCollect operate in the Industrial, Scientific & Medical (ISM) frequency band at 2.4 GHz.

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A MobileCollect wireless system consists of Mobile Modules and/or Remotes (transmitters) and Bases (receivers).  With MobileCollect you can also choose from several Mobile Module, Remote, and Base options to fit your gaging and measurement collection requirements.


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Mobile Module Transmitters

Mobile Modules are battery powered transmitters.  Used, when you need the mobility, to capture measurements from digital & RS-232 gages and send data to a Base (receiver).

Remote Transmitters

Remotes are transmitters powered by an external AC adapter.  Used, when you don't need the mobility, to capture measurements from digital gages and RS-232 devices and send data to a Base (receiver).

Base Receivers

Bases are receivers. Bases accept measurements from Mobile Modules and Remotes (transmitters) and transfer the measurement data to your PC, laptop or tablet.

MobileCollect:  Wireless on the Move!
Our first generation wireless was released in 2006.  We have since introduced more advanced and efficient wireless radio technology, and have made numerous product additions and enhancements.

The ATZB Radio Module was replaced with the MicroRidge developed RM2.4 Radio Module (MICRO-RM2.4) in early 2016.  Mobile Modules, Bases and Remotes with the new RM2.4 Radio Module have the logo on the product label.

We are continuously making enhancements and improvements to the firmware (software in the Mobile Modules, Remotes and Bases) in our wireless system.  Many of these enhancements are suggested by our MobileCollect users.  All of the MobileCollect firmware can be upgraded in the field by the user.

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