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Mobile Modules are transmitters that send the measurement data to a Base.  A typical wireless system has multiple Mobile Modules. The Mobile Modules are battery powered and typically connected to gages such as calipers, digital indicators, micrometers, etc.

MobileCollect supports a broader range of gages than any other wireless system.  These include handheld gages from manufacturers such as Brown & Sharpe, CDI, Fowler, INSIZE, LMI, Mahr Federal, Mettler-Toledo, Mitutoyo, Ohaus, Ono Sokki,  Starrett, Sylvac, etc.

Because of the number and variety of gage cables supported by MobileCollect, a gage cable is not included with the Mobile Module.  You must order the appropriate gage cable separately.  A few of the common gage cables are listed on our MobileCollect Wireless Store.  Refer to the MobileCollect Selection Tool page for additional cable information.

The Mini Mobile Module is used to capture measurements from most digital and RS-232 handheld gages such as calipers, micrometers, digital indicators, etc. The RS-232 Mobile Module supports RS-232 gages not supported by the Mini Mobile Module or the Command Mobile Module. The Command Mobile Module is used when you need to initiate the gage readings by commands sent from a Base rather than pressing the read button on the Mobile Module.

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Key Features:

  • Securely attaches to all handheld gages.

  • LEDs positioned to provide highly visible user feedback.

  • User replaceable gage cable.

  • Range up to 133 feet.

  • Battery life in excess of 500,000 readings.

  • Field upgradeable firmware.

  • Automatically turns itself off after each reading.  No power switch required.

  • Read button is rated for 1 million cycles.

  • Gage cable in lengths up to 72".

Key Features:

  • Same features as the Mini Mobile Module.  Battery life will be influenced by RS-232 interface requirements.

  • Use for RS-232 devices that are not supported by the Mini Mobile Module or the Command Mobile Module.

Key Features:

  • Same features as the Mini Mobile Module.  Battery life will be influenced by the use of the Command mode.

  • Use the Command Mobile Module when it is not convenient to press the read button on the Mobile Module or on the gage.

  • Responds to read requests and sleep cycle commands from a Base.

  • Allows you to provide complete remote control of a Mobile Module.

  • Base can request single or multiple readings.

  • Set sleep cycles to increase battery life.

  • Control with send commands from your application on the host computer or by read switches connected to the Base.

If you need the Command Mobile Module, please contact Kevin Kelly by phone 541.593.3500 or email to discuss your application.

NOTE!  If you need the functions of a Command Mobile Module but do not need the mobility, see the Digital Remote.

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