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The MobileCollect User's Guides are all available as PDF documents.  There are separate User's Guides for each of the optional Setup Programs and a separate User's Guide that covers the MobileCollect hardware components.


MobileCollect User's Guides

The MobileCollect User's Guides are available as PDF documents.  The User's Guides are also included with the Xpress and Extended Setup Programs.

User's Guide Approx
File Size
Quick Start 3.1 MB Quick Start procedure for Bases, Mobile Modules and Xpress Setup Program
Xpress Setup Program 8.6 MB Easy-to-use Setup Program.  This program covers the Setup requirements of most users.  Requires Base Firmware of 4.08 or later, and Mobile Module Firmware of 3.13 or later.  The Xpress Setup Program does not support the Remote or the Command Mode of the Command Mobile Module.
Extended Setup Program 10.9 MB Windows-based Setup Program that covers all the features supported by MobileCollect.  This Setup Program is an update to the original MobileCollect Setup Program.
RF Sniffer Program 2.7 MB The MobileCollect RF Channel Sniffer allows you to determine the amount of communications occurring on each of the RF channels that can be used by MobileCollect wireless.
Hardware Components 72.3 MB This User's Guide describes the MobileCollect hardware components (Bases, Remotes and Mobile Modules).




The following documents provide information that many be of interest to companies that are implementing or expanding a MobileCollect system.

User's Guide Comments
MobileCollect & RF Interference Interference issues with wireless systems are a concern of every wireless implementation. This document describes the reasons MobileCollect has not had interference issues.
MobileCollect Versions & Updates The Mini Mobile Module, USB MicroBase, Extended Setup Program and Xpress Setup Program were released on November 18, 2013. With this release, there are some firmware and software updates that may be required for MobileCollect components that were acquired prior to November 18, 2013.  This document describes when updates are required.



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